Under the creative direction of Mira von der Osten, the CRUBA team has developed a design concept for the health Resort LANSERHOF. It will be presented with the opening of LANSERHOF Sylt in summer 2022 and will follow in the hotels at Tegernsee and Lans.

From reception to housekeeping, dermatologists and doctors to physiotherapists and sports trainers. Individual and monochrome designs are created for the various divisions. The timeless and peaceful nuances were all made exclusively by CRUBA for LANSERHOF. Through close collaboration with the LANSERHOF, the designs meet all the specific needs. The cut comfortably allows for all kinds of movement; the predominantly pure natural fibers are durable, radiate a natural calm, and feel pleasant on the skin.
In cooperation with LANSERHOF, it was also crucial for CRUBA that the fabrics and other ingredients are biodegradable or already recycled. Even the buttons are plastic-free and made of corozo, metal, and mother-of-pearl.

The design process also involved an exchange between CRUBA and the architectural firm Ingenhoven, which transformed LANSERHOF Sylt into a place of longing. Clear architectural lines and organic elements construct an invaluable atmosphere on the North Sea island. CRUBA's fashion design combines this architecture and nature with the people amidst the dunes on the Wadden Sea. "Our designs reflect the reduced, elegantly minimalist environment of LANSERHOF," says head designer Mira von der Osten.

Anyone visiting LANSERHOF will spend a lot of time in a bathrobe. It is one of the essential items when detoxing and enjoying the holistic approach that Lanserhof is famous for. CRUBA created a new bathrobe and developed its own fine and high-quality waffle piquet. On the inside, the bathrobes are line with light terry cloth; the white is dyed naturally.

A resource friendly production was an important requirement. The entire bathrobe is made of certified organic cotton and produced according to the GOTS certification. The design follows a consistent zero waste concept: The cut is developed so that no fabric waste is produced during manufacturing, and due to its purely natural materials, the bathrobe can return to the cycle after its first life cycle.