Artist collaboration

CRUBA x Mark Milroy

Who sits down and has their portrait painted: Furthermore what does this person decide to wear. The paintings by NY based painter Mark Milroy triggered our curiosity to alienate the clothing in his portraits and reinterpret them.


Oil Spill Project

The oil spill project was inspired by our numb feeling of merely being a distant bystander, by the hammering urge to do something. Seeing the images of the oil gushing into the gulf of Mexico with no definite end in sight transmitted absurdly a beautiful aesthetic.

Science meets fashion


Crystals are growing naturally in structures, this process can take millennia, centuries or years or only a few hours. Inspired by this we turned our design studio into a laboratory and experimented with growing crystals on fabric.

Woolmark council x KADEWE

Wool Lab Project

Connecting designers with top wool spinners and weavers, the Wool Lab Project is supported by fashion journalist Melissa Drier and the KaDeWe Berlin.

Art x Fashion

Fashion Positions

Collect fashion as one does art - Initiated 2019 by Mira and two partners, the Fashion Positions is part of the Berlin Art Week and showcases new perspectives in fashion.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Digitalization Panel Talk

Our designer Mira von der Osten was invited as guest speaker for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Garment Dye Capsule

Shibori Tie Dye

We were inspired by an ancient Japanese dyeing technique, known as Shibori, to create unique pieces.