Fashion Positions 2021

Fashion Positions 2021


This years FASHION POSITIONS was larger than ever before! 110 galleries and 17 Berlin designers came together to present their positions at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, to celebrate Fashion Week & Art Week.

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For this years FASHION POSITIONS, we were inspired by the Monte Veritá movement. This movement effectively brought together people of similar moral during the 20th Century and created a place for people to bond. We wanted to display the theme of "BONDING" by creating garments that physically bond people with one another. Therefore, we adjusted our garments to reflect the theme of "BONDING". The oversized CARGO COAT is made to be worn by more than one person and the white blouses are connected by the sleeves. The physical connection of the garments reflects the emotional bond that was created within the Monte Veritá community. To help amplify this theme, Kicken Berlin provided us with the photograph "In the Blossom of Nature" by Rudolf Koppitz. He was a well-known photo-secessionist and photographer during the 20th Century and captured moments of this movement.

What exactly was the Monte Veritá movement?

The Monte Veritá movement brought together different Utopian and cultural events during the 20th century. A strict rigid code of morality, vegetarianism and nudity was practiced on the Monte Veritá hill in Ascona. This hill in Ascona became a home to many reformers or, as referred to by the Ticino population, "balabiotts" which directly translates to "naked dancers". The founders of the Monte Veritá hill, that embodies this alternative way of life, were Henry Oedenkoven from Antwerp, the pianist Ida Hofmann from Montenegro, the artist Gusto and the ex-officer Karl Gräser from Transylvania. Whilst they were unconventional, they were economically potent. The founders successfully created a destination for tourists and a social utopia simultaneously and were concerned with over consumption and sustainable resource use. Accordingly, authors like Hermann Hesse and Kafka, dancers like Rudolf von Laban and painters like Marianne von Werefkin were inspired by this movement and have incorporated it in their work.


In light of Berlin Art Week, exhibitors from all around Europe gathered to display their positions. Galleries like The Curve Berlin, Gallery Eigen + Art Lab and many more presented their individual ideas. Here is a sneak peak!


Get inspired by what the editor of VOGUE, HARPER´S BAZAAR, WWD, and designers like Laura Gerte wore (and wrote) to the Fashion Positions ...





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