Inspired by the sight of a successfully blasted ATM machine in a subway station in Berlin. The crime scene was the contrast of a brutal deed and at the same time it had something of a still-life, an almost intimate act.


Intimate moments are reflected in the collection. A fragile Landscape of golden gauze or a very thin leggings make view for the underlying. As a couterpoint oversize wool coats allow the wearer seclusion. This game with the inside and the outside, of rest and motion, THE STOIC MOVEMENT characterize the individual looks of the collection.

The typical CRUBA incision is present is all parts of the collection. Coats are characterized by straight-cut silhouettes. Dresses and skirts have bias seaming that swirl around the body and form new lines.

The choice of material is also characterized by constrats: cashmere and ultra fine crepe de chine are set in contrast to each other. A faint blue, bright magenta, dark pine green, ouch beige and off-white are the load-bearing nuances of the winter collection.