Annette Kicken is the owner of Kicken Berlin, one of the leading galleries in the world for artistic photography, and committed to making a lasting contribution to the visual culture of photographic images.

Our designer, Mira von der Osten, and Annette Kicken have been friends for a long time and Berlin is the first city they have both lived in at the same time. Each of them draws inspiration from the other and the way each of them work. For Mira, Annette Kicken is CRUBA. She is the best example for Mira's claim "I build the customer into the brand".We feel very flattered by her wearing CRUBA at various openings and art events. View her favorites.

 "I own this dress in two colors, this is how much I love it. It is a great dress not your typical style in a very very very good way." Annette Kicken



"I love to wear CRUBA because I feel at home and close to Mira's work ideas especially in relation to my Interior work."


CRUBA Annette KickenCRUBA Annette Kicken

CRUBA Annette Kicken