festive days are here

Dear friends and customers,

Now, just before Christmas we are looking back at a year filled with wonderful journeys. Here at CRUBA we have traveled a lot this year. Our collections have
been to Paris, NY, Michigan and Japan. 
I personally have fulfilled a dream this past fall and traveled back in time. To be precise, I traveled back 35 years, initiated by the invitation to join a class reunion in Lima, Peru. I traveled half way around the world to see how my childhood memory of my home, when I was 10 years old, has developed to this day. So many things I discovered have changed. The longing for a very familiar place far away that has shaped who I am today was hard to satisfy. But as I walked out onto the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco and still had the music from the organ in my ear and saw the surrounding Inca buildings illuminated, I felt a mystic energy we only encounter around Christmas. It sparked the idea that the Christmas spirit can surround us all year. In this spirit we take the time here at CRUBA to thank you all for your endless support throughout the year and years. You inspire us every day and we are glad to have you as a loyal following and are excited to start the next year with you.
We hope you treat yourself to a longer pause these holidays!


 mira and the CRUBA Team