cruba store

Being very connected to the art world has given us lots of advantages. There have been many opportunities to merge our creativity with that of emerging and well established artists. Countless exhibitions took place in our main window and animated the street - Auguststrasse. One constant has been our collaboration with the gallery Kicken Berlin. Every year we are excited to see our store turn into an art space for the Gallery Weekend. 

mira von der Osten





cruba shooting behind the scenes

cruba jell dress

cruba new labels

About two years ago a friend and I initiated the MAPchen which is a map of independent shops run by women in Mitte. We are very proud to announce that we just finished our website. The idea of this project is to help people see which shop is a local and independent one and not part of a big corporation. Please check out the website, share it and follow us on Instagram, and do shop local - it is so much more fun and helps to keep shops alive in our neighborhood.

mapchen - women empowerment


As we were going through old photos we came across this one below. Adrian wearing his first CRUBA jacket. He now wears adult size - we have come a long way.