Do you remember staring at the chalkboard in school and thinking I DO NOT UNDERSTAND?
When the NY painter Mark Milroy and our designer Mira called each other during the lockdown this is what they would exclaim reflecting on the latest news. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND became
 the slogan for 2020.

As we are slowly moving towards the possible next lockdown we would love to introduce you to the chalkboard collection which is printed on cotton canvas and silk. Maybe you have already noticed the boy modelling the jacket is Jaro, the son of Mira.

The collection offers a selection of different styles. Due to the high demand we restocked the Sweater and Jacket which are unisex and can be combined with one another. You can discover the whole range online or in our store.

We are thankful and overwhelmed by all your support.

Sending our love to you all, 
mira + CRUBA Team