Writing about oneself is a big task. My grandmother always said, do not talk about yourself. Where does that leave us in today's world, where being extroverted is rewarded? Here I am conveying to you what makes me tick - basically exactly what my grandmother never wanted me to do.   At the same time I feel I owe every one of you, as much as it is online possible, the experience of walking into our store and studio here on Auguststrasse and meeting me. We love to hear from you, and in case you think my grandmother was right, also tell us.

I am Mira, the designer and founder of CRUBA. I live in Mitte here in Berlin with my husband (and business partner) Erimar and the youngest two of our five kids. We just moved to Mitte and are thrilled to be living now in the exact middle of this exciting city where east and west meet and melt together...Read more.

April 26-28 SAVE THE DATE

We are proud to inform you that we are collaborating with the Gallery the Curve, the world's first and only collage gallery.  We will be showing the work RUINED MAPS by Anthony Gerace in our store on Auguststrasse.
At the same time we are super excited to announce that CRUBA will be presenting at the FASHION POSITIONS BERLIN, which is affiliated with the PAPER POSITIONS BERLIN.
It is a world premiere! We hope to see you there and will keep you posted!